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Click and Collect

The essential service for retailers

Did you ever wonder if your customers are satisfied with your purchase and shipping options?

At the beginning, the “online purchase experience” promised to change forever our way of shopping.

Indeed, everybody takes for granted that physical stores would have disappeared to leave space to quickest and more customized purchases methods. It was imagined a future in which the rush of customers at the shopping malls during the Black Friday or the necessity to own a car to purchase things would be an old memory.

In short: our living room was to become the boutique, our smartphones and laptops the shop windows.

But that didn’t happen. Why?

21% of online shopping experiences are let down by something going wrong with the delivery.

The reason why can be summarized in two words: home delivery.

Logistics companies, indeed, weren’t ready for a similar revolution. In this regard, on a sample of 2000 UK consumers, it was found that 21% of online shopping experiences are let down by something going wrong with the delivery. Another important aspect that has been highlighted by the report is the fact that there is still widespread reluctance to buy from overseas online shopping websites.

In the same way, 87% of shoppers said that they would switch to another supplier if they experienced delays or delivery problems just twice or more.

In the light of the above, it is quite easy to explain why the Click and Collect method (also called BOPUS or BOPIS, Buy online and Pick up in store) has become increasingly pronounced. With BOPUS, customers are able to purchase products online and then pick them up at the store at their own convenience.

Who chooses this kind of purchase method?

40% of online buyers have used BOPUS as an omnichannel service and it’s particularly appreciated by consumers age 55-64 (52%) and consumers age 45-54 (50%). However, it would be a mistake to think that new generations don’t like it: the third place of Click and Collect-fans is occupied by consumers age 18-24 (42%).

What is the reason of its success?

Here are the top 5 reasons why consumers fall in love with this method:

1. Save on shipping costs (88%).

This data highlights both the importance of having various purchase and shipping methods and the importance of having promotions and deals on the delivery charges.

2. Possibility to return/change the product immediately (77%)

The data reconfirm the importance of providing efficient and easy free returns.

It is important for the consumers to have various purchase and shipping methods available.

3. Less wait time (51%).

The consumers seem to be reassured by the possibility to pick up the product from the store because it allows them greater independence about delivery time.

4. Prevent damage to the product (12%)

In lines with the reasons above, the possibility to replace a logistics company appease consumers also about the integrity of our product.

5. The pleasure of visit the store (10%)

This kind of insight shouldn’t be underestimated because we should keep in mind that physical shops incentivize impulsive purchases and extra shopping. Consumers are reassured by the possibility to see the product before taking it home and a shortest delivery time.

These are the reasons why, now more than ever, it is important to accept the BOPUS challenge. For a retailer, an omnichannel strategy which can merge both the online and the offline experience is essential: every channel, indeed, should converge in a smooth manner in order to satisfy the true needs of your target.

Would you like a multichannel digital strategy that properly incorporates online and offline experiences, but you don’t know where to begin? Contact us for a first advice.