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Artificial Intelligence

3 Ways to make a better use of time

Let’s talk about the new technological frontier:
Are you aware of the benefits that AI can bring to your business?

When we talk about artificial intelligence most think about androids: Sonny from “I, Robot” and Andrew Martin from “Bicentennial Man” are just two of the many images that take shape in our minds.
What if we say that AI covers many other different fields and, to this day, is already present in our lives?

Yet Siri, the Apple-marked digital assistant, is a practical example of AI and, like it, the vehicles able to recognize the traffic signs put on the road.

By the term “AI”, Artificial Intelligence, specific computerized programs which are able to learn and read images, texts, video and audio files and apply them in different circumstances –like a human being, are defined. Like a person, the more AI studies and receives information, the more it is effective.

In these terms, it seems like a sci-fi and futuristic thing, right?

Yet Siri, the Apple-marked digital assistant, is a practical example of AI and, like it, the vehicles able to recognize the traffic signs put on the road.

All right, AI isn’t just about androids and robots, but how can it help a company? Applications are quite infinite as well as marketers’ creativity.

Are you still doubtful? Check out these three examples.

Predictive Technology

Whether you’re selling products or services, you’d have a system that is able to analyze customers’ habits and behavior in order to predict their needs and then advise them.

This kind of system is a must-have for a company with a technological imprint. The importance of a sales assistant in a shop concerns, among other things, the possibility to understand clients’ needs in order to address them accordingly.

Now it is possible to offer the same personalized experience in an online shop, increasing the level of customization, which inevitably affects loyalty.

According to LivePerson, 71% of online consumers expect to be able to access help within five minutes.


Regardless of the type of company you have, chatbots allow to offer a customer service open 24 hours a day, thus increasing loyalty and engagement.

These chats are useful elements for companies that want to raise the number of top consumers. In addition to being an immediate and complete service, chatbots are able to handle a pretty much endless requests and they’re quickly becoming a must-have.

According to LivePerson, 71% of online consumers expect to be able to access help within five minutes, whereas Aspect discovered that the so-called “Millennials”, the “young-adult” generation, prefers live chats and 69% of them feel good when they can handle a customer service issue without having to talk to a person.

Working Machinery Control

The convenience of having a system which is able to evaluate wear levels of every industrial machine or company car fleet and predict future maintenance its amazing, right? What would you say if this kind of system is also able to show everything on a single platform?

This AI allows companies to save time and resources, so they are able to reorganize them in a more efficient way. Thanks to the possibility to be informed in real-time, companies get a chance to take prompt action in dangerous situations, ensuring a high level of security.

By 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationship with a company with zero human interaction.

In the near future, all companies will increasingly rely on AI programs in order to implement security, make a better use of time and take marketing decisions.

A research performed by Gartner revealed that, by 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationships with a company with zero human interaction, whereas by 2025 Servion Global Solutions’ predicted that the percentage will grow, reaching 95%. In this last case, Servion has also said that the clients won’t be able to differentiate a bot from a human – nor by phone in live call, neither during online conversations.

A strong investment in AI field has been noted between the years 2010 and 2014 by eMarketer: according to their data the initial budget of 1.7$ billions become 14.9$ billions. eMarketer has also highlighted that only 54% of Company managers are aware of AI.

At 21iLAB we are able to create customized AI programs in order to satisfy your needs and requests. Have you already an idea to propose? Contact us for a first advice.