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Mobile Apps

Everyone can take advantage of them,even a small business!

Do you really think that your business can be without a Mobile App?

Over recent years mobile apps became a “to be or not to be” for a company strategy. The “Does my business really need a mobile app?” question happens to be quite popular because “consumers no longer download apps”, but is it true?

In our opinion no, it’s not.

By 2021, it’s been expected that consumers will download 352.9 billion mobile apps.

Regardless the type of company, a mobile app can help a business get and retain customers because:

1. Allow offering a better user experience that neither a responsive website is able to provide

2. IoT devices, the new technological frontier, are mobile app-centric

3. People are spending more time on apps and less time on mobile browsers – as we can see from this research conducted by eMarketer in the US

You are entitled to believe that we are trying to sell you one of our services – it is a fact that we have a mobile development department, but we can assure you that this is not the case.

Don’t you trust us?

Well, we have a bunch of data from different sources in support of our argument!
Are you ready to discover them?

• Across the globe, consumers spend most of the online time on mobile devices, with an average of approximately 70%.
An interesting insight bearing in mind that, on mobile, people mainly use apps.

• By 2020, in gross annual revenue is projected to generate around $189 billion via app stores and in-app advertising.
To us, it doesn’t seem like a forfeiture market. What do you think?

• By 2021, it’s been expected that consumers will download 352.9 billion mobile apps (in 2016 consumers downloaded 149.3 billion apps)
A huge growth that can’t be ignored because it highlights the fact that consumers still want mobile apps.

• In 2017, mobile shopping app use jumped +54% over 2016.
The new trend for online shopping is quite clear: consumers are getting used making in-app purchases on their phones.

• In 2016, improved customers service and growth in sales were the main reasons for SMBs to build an app.
In customer service field, mobile apps are a useful ally because allow offering a proper way of staying in contact with your company 24/7.


We hope we’ve helped you to bring clarity to this argument, but if you are looking for more information we are here for you!
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