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Internet of Things

3 Reasons Why Your Company Should Care About It

The so-called “Internet of Things” is a term that is used to encompass the range of different devices connected to the net. However, what is actually part of IoT?

Starting from the popular wearables like the Apple Watch and the Samsung Gear, to the most common presence detectors and light sensors, our everyday life is full of these things which were part of our lives even before they were defined.

The International Data Corp. has declared that, in 2017, IoT spending will total$674 billion.

Smart Home, Smart Cities, Connected Car: starting from Amazon Echo which can control lighting elements and electronic systems to Family Hub smart refrigerators from Samsung which are able to show the products stored within them and create a shopping list, IoT is already in our houses and it is expanding rapidly also within cities –a practical example is Barcelona, standard bearer in the digital evolution that aims to make life easier for citizens.

Then why don’t we improve our work environment and make our work routine easier too?

The International Data Corporation has declared that, in 2017, IoT spending will total $674 billion and will reach $772.5 billion in 2018.

Furthermore, in its IoT Barometer 2017/2018 Vodafone highlights a significant datum: results have shown that 74% of companies which have adopted Internet of Things agree that digital transformation is impossible without it.

Practical benefits a business is able to obtain from IoT are multiple

Those who began, or are starting, to implement IoT systems will have a great advantage compared with competitors, both from a technological point of view and in terms of efficiency.

It will be easier to create an ad hoc communication, segmented according to consumers’ true needs.

Reduction of risks and costs

If all the devices and equipment present in a company are able to communicate with each other, then it is possible to constantly monitor performances and wear. In this way, a high general level of security is maintained.

Improving employee welfare, morale and productivity

Smart buildings are the evolution of work-environment. Thanks to their automated systems that regulate the temperature and lighting changes, for example, this kind of buildings are able to provide a pleasant working environment in response to changing weather conditions

Better user experience

Through IoT devices it is possible to collect a high number of data concerning the preferences and buying behavior of the users. With this information, it will be easier to create an ad hoc communication, segmented according to consumers’ true needs.

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