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Marketing Automation

Improve clients loyalty: it's just a click away!

Nowadays it is possible to reorganize work time while increasing customer engagement: can you believe it?

In recent years technology has become part of our everyday life, also in the working environment, and it has brought real and concrete improvements.

Most recently, the new digital frontier in the working environment is Marketing Automation: we hear about it, especially concerning email marketing, but what is it – concretely? Does a company really need it?

In our opinion, a company which wants to give a strong digital sign cannot do without it: sure, we work in the digital field, we can simply highlight such a useful instrument, but the benefits that a company can experience with Marketing Automation are virtually infinite.

Here below a few examples.

Customer Loyalty

Who doesn’t like to receive an email which lets them know when the product they stored in their wish-list, waiting to find the budget to purchase it, is on sale and has the most competitive price ever? In a physical store there is a sales assistant who helps you close the purchase: you should assign this kind of job to someone also on your e-commerce, don’t you think?

Sales Increase

One of your customers purchased a scarf that, if combined with that soft cashmere beret of the basic collection, would surely stand out? Let him know! Manually sending an email to him is a long process, but what if we tell you that a software can do it automatically? Win-Win, don’t you think?

Energy Saving

As you know, whether you have an online shop or a physical boutique you should be able to reach your clients and your prospects through the web.

How? Which is the most suitable social network for your business? Let a program decide where and when to post your advertisement while you focus on contents! What do you want to say? Why should they visit your store? Work on it, while a computer tells you when you should post the ADV.

77% of consumers have chosen, recommended or even paid more for a brand that provides a personalized service or experience

Your current customers are your best customers: have you ever thought about it? Happy customers are loyal customers: they could increase their purchases and, why not, may also promote your product for free.

What does a company need in order to satisfy its clients?

According to a series of recent studies, 91% of consumers unsubscribe from emails (Saleforce), whereas 44% of direct emails is never opened (NewsCred).

Nowadays consumers expect more personal engagement and personalization: their experience in a shop doesn’t end with the payment of an item, nor is it exclusively born with the spontaneous necessity to purchase it.

Did you know that, according to a research conducted by Forrester, 77% of consumers have chosen, recommended or even paid more for a brand that provides a personalized service or experience? However, according to a MarketingTech Blog survey, less than 10% of top tier retail brands say they’re highly effective at personalization.

At 21iLAB we can help you to cuddle your clients in order to improve engagement and benefits: let’s amaze them together!
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