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Season’s Greetings: An unbeatable Marketing Tool

With all the generic holiday mail, you might believe that Season’s Greetings are outdated. However, they are a powerful way to reach out to your clients and to build up and strengthen relationships.
Reading time: 20 min(s)

3 Reasons Why You Should Use a Content Marketing Strategy

In recent years, marketing evolved: in order to be seen and appreciated by customers is essential to create new and engaging content. If you don’t trust us, find out why use content marketing in your digital strategy!
Reading time: 11 min(s)

Don’ts: What to avoid when creating buyer personas

“Only who truly understands clients’ needs will succeed to attract and serve them in the right way.” You can give your best to comprehend their desires and goals, but without the right tools, you will struggle. Buyer personas are the best practice to draw a detailed picture of a semi-fictional customer.
Reading time: 14 min(s)

The potential and importance of reporting for your business

The potential of data is enormous but is often ignored. What many companies do not realise it that turning new data into information could have a huge impact on our activities and could allow the undertaking of effective data driven strategies.

Reading time: 11 min(s)

Why video marketing is not only for B2C but B2B companies

On the web, you can find a bunch of B2C statistics and recommendations to surf on the successful wave of video marketing. The truth is, not only B2C businesses can profit from the increasing embracement of video content, but also B2B companies should consider integrating it in their marketing strategy.
Reading time: 16 min(s)

GDPR: Is a client’s consent for every subsidiary inside a company group valid?

Even almost one year after the GDPR went into effect numerous critical questions are rather unanswered than unambiguous. Especially in multi-structured companies a lack of clarity regarding mailing list sharing and the ownership of consent is creating many sleepless nights to marketing departments.
Reading time: 13 min(s)

Why chatbots can bring customer experience to a next level

At least since the introduction of Apple’s Siri, chatbot and virtual assistants are terms the majority of the population knows. They are said to replace mobile apps and human customer service little by little.
Reading time: 29 min(s)