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Because user experience starts from within

Designing internal tools that employees love to use

Intuitive user interfaces wrapped in beautiful designs are the result of many years of collaboration with Admeira. Our mission is guiding Admeira in its user experience design and user journey creation by respecting its corporate brand guidelines and creating a consistent picture for internal tools that exceeds user’s expectations.


User Experience Design
Customer Journey Map
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Who is Admeira

Admeira, founded by the three Swiss partners Ringier, SRG and Swisscom, is the most important Swiss agency in the marketing and advertising field. Due to its expertise and success, it also provides its services to international clients.

Its repertoire comprises more than 80 important media brands of all kinds of categories – print, TV, radio, and online. By offering customized advertising and sponsoring solutions for cross-media campaigns, Admeira covers every week, 9 out of 10 Swiss residents.

What we did

For several years we have been supporting the digital department of Admeira with user experience design on their internal platforms. We have been embracing the challenge to transform complex user flows into simple, comprehensible user interfaces. 

Therefore our highest objective is to provide user-centered designs that does not neglect visual attractiveness. Quite the contrary, employees, receive platforms and tools they require for their daily work and above all which they actually enjoy using.

Understanding the end-users’ needs

Instead of form follows function, our credo is design follows human behavior pattern. Within the scope of our methodology, we created for every project user personas to understand the needs and demands of final users. In a second step, we developed user journeys reflecting potential paths, users most likely will follow. Thanks to our agile processes which require constant exchange with our client Admeira during the whole phases, amazing outcomes had been achieved.

Because user experience starts from within

While many companies do not consider putting effort into good usability and nice design on internal tools, Admeira understands its value and therefore attaches great importance to it. They know, satisfied employees achieve better results.

Visualization of dynamic data

One challenge is to create responsive designs that allow using different combinations and visualizations of data; that involves the Creative and the UX team in a synergic work that matches accurate UI/UX design with an optimal responsivity, leading finally to fast, intelligible and fully accessible web applications.


Our partnership with the 21iLAB team is based on their proven experience in UX/UI design and of course on their innovative approach to fresh digital solutions, deeply in line with the values of our company too.

Rainer Binggeli
Head of Web Development at Admeira 


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