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Vintage meets Digital


“Vintage meets Digital” is the guiding principle of a challenging and fantastic collaboration with Davide Parmegiani. A redesign of the website with enhanced usability as well as the development of an informative mobile app for vintage watch collectors is part of the digital transformation of Davide Parmegiani. A series of movies complete the defined digital strategy.

Davide Parmegiani

Redesign of the website
Mobile App
Video Production


Who is Davide Parmegiani

Davide Parmegiani is a not only a collector and curator, but also an influential expert of vintage watches.

Since his childhood he has developed a strong passion for watches, which he transformed into his own business with the opening of the first shop in Milano in 1990. Parmegiani’s speciality is to go beyond dealing watches by advising interested people and collectors for major investments.

What we did

The collaboration with Davide Parmegiani comprises the creation of a full digital experience aligned with a unique, this branch matching digital strategy. We planned, redesigned and launched the website in new fashionable look.

As another part of the project we were involved from planning to implementation of a universal app which is adapted for both iPhone and iPad. The integration of the online catalogue which can be downloaded and viewed offline is one of the powerful solutions this app provides.

Further we build up a content strategy to enhance the user experience and created a small series of movies.


Unique Users


Users Increase

Unique Sessions


Sessions Increase

Vintage meets Digital

In line with the users’ expectations, we build a bridge between Vintage and Digital. Their merger revealed a new unique user experience on the website and within the App.

Offline accessibility

The integration of the online cataloge which can be downloaded and viewed offline is one of the powerful features this app provides. Quick and smooth access at any time is part of our user-centered approach.

Storytelling – behind the curtains

We chose a series of videos as part of a content marketing strategy to make one of the biggest vintage watch dealers and part of his expertise approachable. The contents from the portrait of the legend, a buyer’s guide to the presentation of various desirable collectibles enhance the overall user experience also on the website.

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