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Mentor Program in the Digital Age


The unique Mobile App of Mentor International brings mentoring programs on a next level by following the digital zeitgeist.

An innovative, tailored solution which enables real-time communication and continuous exchange is the key to meet the expectations of adolescents in the digital age.

Mentor International

Mobile App for iOS and Android


Who is Mentor International

Leading international nonprofit organization established by H.M. Queen Silvia of Sweden in collaboration with The World Health Organization.

The Mentor Program is a voluntary program where an adult and a young person build a relationship to empower, inspire, and motivate the young person and their outlook for the future.

What we did

We evaluated the association, created a concept and developed a Mobile App to support the Mentor Program.

Our project combines Mobile and Web technology to reach the requirements: a Mobile App for iOS and Android as an interaction tool for characters involved in the program and a Web App to manage contents and to examine results of the program for the Organization.


Countries involved

Mentors and Mentees


Safe Messaging

An important goal of the Mentor App is to create a safe atmosphere for the Mentee in which he/she can open up to his/her Mentor without concerns about parents or other organisation members having access to his/her chat records.

That is why the innovative chat tool builds a safe bridge between Mentor and Mentee by allowing real time communication and respecting privacy through restricted access for them only.

Meet me in the map

A relaxed, straightforward way of organizing appointments is another great aspect of the Mobile Application.

An advanced technical feature allows to set-up a meeting by choosing a meeting point directly on the map.

Experience Sharing

With the view to ensure the best possible care of the young adult, Mentee have to fill out an end questionnaire after each meeting.

The integrated survey tool within the App delivers an optimal approach to this in the digital age. It enables a quick and easy completion of the form. Also here we put our focus on ensuring the privacy of the member.


The transformation of offline requirements into a digital solution was done by 21iLAB with hands-on features and latest technologies. With the right focus on user experience they brought a powerful Mobile App for our Mentor Program on the table. It was a pleasure for us to collaborate with the experienced and motivated team of 21iLAB.

Emily Joof
International Programme Manager


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