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Persuasive storytelling through authentic atmosphere


“Energia su misura” is the mission of a video project for RSE. Our strategy comprised the creation of an authentic story to present the concept in a suitable way. Footages taken in real homes with genuine end-users are the core of our emotional approach. This strategy contributes to enabling a direct identification with the end-users.

RSE S.p.A.

Promotional video


Who is RSE

RSE is a publicly owned company with the Italian national grid operator (GSE) as its sole shareholder. Its mission is to carry out publicly funded national and international programs in the electrical power, energy and environment fields.

In May 2016 RSE started a campaign to measure energy consumption in a profiled selection of council homes in order to study how to reduce energy wastes.

What we did

RSE needed to present the “Energia su misura” project to its stakeholders: after studying the initiative’s goals, we proposed to shoot a video. Starting from the storyboard and the creation of a specific mood, we shot the video without any actors, but only with real people actually living in the selected apartments.

We took care of everything: concept, direction, shooting, settings and post-production.


Team members

Tracked items

Families involved

On eye level

People are the heart of the system: “Energia su misura” is made for them and, through their awareness and care, they are the central part of the project. Thus, viewers are reached on an emotional level as they can relate to the real life characters.

Product experience

“Energia su misura” comes in a simple white box. Due to the technical and innovative character of the project idea, it is in need of explanation. Hence, unboxing experience and usage are an essential component of the video.


Show the people involved in the project in their everyday household activities and how the RSE system can be a part of their lives and effectively help them. Real characters in authentic situations using the product is the most powerful approach for the promotion of the initiative.


The collaboration with 21iLAB was a really positive experience. With their professional methodology they transformed our idea into something creative and compelling. We hope to work together again in the future.

Dr. Marco Borgarello
Head of Energy Efficiency Research Group


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