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A glimpse into the classic car world


Four editions of the magazine called “The Key”: a great outcome from our collaboration with TCCT – The Classic Car Trust. “The Key” is an annual publication dedicated to the classic car market. We supported the client from designing the concept to delivering the final product, also managing the online presence through the web page and setting marketing and sales activities and distribution management.


Marketing activities (SEM, SEO, SEA)
Website + eCommerce


Who is TCCT

TCCT – The Classic Car Trust – was founded in 2013 by Fritz Kaiser with the mission to preserve the value of classic cars and foster their heritage. It is a platform made by collectors for collectors, to share not only knowledge but also passion.

With the aim to make the classic car market comprehensible, “The Key” was the first collection of fascinating facts, interesting articles, and expert opinions in 2018. Most importantly it presents a ranking of the top 100 classic car collectors of this world. After its great success as the “bible” of the classic car market, other editions were released in 2019, 2020 and 2021: 280 pages of news, data and images.

The 2022 edition is on its way, too. For this initiative, Fritz Kaiser was able to get Antonio Ghini, the former global Director of Communication and Brand Management at Ferrari, as Chief Editor on board.

What we did

For this project, we accompanied TCCT in its design, marketing, sales and distribution processes along its value chain.

21iLAB organized the marketing of the product by managing online marketing activities such as SEO, SEA, and SEM. Moreover, we carried out market intelligence methods to study the classic car market and reveal in-depth insights. 

Besides, we supported the distribution by developing a website including an eCommerce to present the book online and the establishment of sales networks around the world. For 2021 edition we also edited some video teasers to anticipate  a glimpse of the contents.


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Digital access

We decided to design and publish a digital, advanced versions with additional content and material. The passion for classic cars does know neither age nor boundaries. Everyone who has interest to learn about this market and its actors, should get the opportunity to access the magazines in the most comfortable way.

Product Marketing

A crucial element to market a product successful is raising awareness among consumers. That is why we offered our services not only to take care of SEA, SEM, SEO and Social Media advertising activities but also supported the presentation of The Key at the Point of Sale at the Grand Basel event 2018 and 2019 in Paris.

Worldwide distribution handling

As part of our service, we manage the setup and handling of distribution networks around the world. Consequently, we coordinated three different logistic warehouses in Boston, Amsterdam, and Hong Kong. Moreover we’re now dealing with a unique distributor based in Europe and USA. Through these partner networks, our client can ensure a smooth shipping experience and cost advantages to its customers.


It was an honor for me to work with 21iLAB. “The Key” is the result of an enthusiastic team that loves to share information and images that can add value to the knowledge of those interested in the world of classic cars.

Antonio Ghini
Chief Editor of The Key


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