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Traditional Fashion Brand goes digital


Our long projects with Davide Cenci present a full digital experience: from a fully-integrated eCommerce solution with a fantastic responsive redesign and a mobile app to Newsletter marketing. In addition to that we have been organizing and doing fashion photo shootings with subsequent post-production.

Davide Cenci

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Who is Davide Cenci

Davide Cenci is a successful, Italian clothing brand already in the third generation. Since the opening of the first boutique 1926 in Rome it can look back at a long history of over 90 years.

Going on with the tradition of the founder Davide Cenci, all products are crafted in Italy. Within the legacy of Davide Cenci’s core values, the brand embraces the contemporary needs of customers and new technologies, leading to a cosmopolitan and international style.

Next to its own private lines, the brand catalog features carefully edited selections of finest Italian and international brands.

What we did

After some crucial analyses of the market and the company, we defined a brand and communication strategy which fits to the identity of the brand. We planned, developed and launched new eCommerce for the markets in the US, IT and the rest of Europe.

Together with Davide Cenci we have created the Davide Cenci Club, a loyalty program for customers which provides several benefits. Along with that project we designed, developed and launched the Club website as well as developed a mobile app for iOS. Further we have been creating weekly Newsletters for the clients.

Besides being responsible for the digital presence of the business, we have been doing photo shootings of new collections with subsequent editing and deployment onto the website.



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Brand communication

Despite traditional values, the brand embraces the contemporary needs of customers and new technologies, what leads to a cosmopolitan and international style. Therefore it is the goal of the new digital presence to communicate the real brand identity: Davide Cenci, an advisor who takes care of your style in accordance with Italian style principles. A brand which can manage the fusion between traditional values with the finest Italian sense of fashion.

Country-specific Management

The eCommerce solution provides three Magento stores. The strong point of this approach is the separated management of the different markets. Hence, each store can provide its own catalog and prizes.

Real-time data

Our approach with a fully-integrated website solution is an essential benefit for the brand. The custom-tailored database with ERP and Mailchimp integration provides due to constant synchronizing the latest information on products, buyers and Newsletter subscriptions. Hence, availabilities of products and sizes can be checked in real-time.


Working with 21iLAB has been a real pleasure for me. For three years now we have been collaborating on our brand digitalization and we find them really professional. It is an experience that has nurtured our reciprocal growth.

David Cenci
Owner of Davide Cenci



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