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Once upon a time there was a reindeer named Fred

His opportunity to become something big lay ahead.

All his young life he wished to be blessed

with a chance to compete in the XMAS Factor contest. 

The XMAS show is coming to town again this year,

to find for Santa’s sleigh squad a new joining reindeer.

“We are facing an unprecedented heat wave this year,

without snow the reindeer preparation will be impossible, I fear!”

Poor Fred in despair, sees an Advertisement containing:

a new App available for All-Season-Sleigh-Training.

Hurrying to home to download the app to his phone,

Fred is surprised about all the features shown.

Finally Christmas Eve presents the famed Competition.

Will Fred be strong enough to achieve his mission?

Despite many set-backs Fred gave all he could to finally fulfil the dream of his childhood.

Thanks to technological developments and smart design,

Fred successfully joins Santa’s sleigh at the front of the line!

Best wishes to everyone!