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In a solitary space base, an evil hacker was up to no good

Observing Earth’s people, he was jealous, lonely and misunderstood

A sneaky plan to steal our christmas spirit he did devise
Locked into a magic cube then hidden far away in the skies

The joy of Christmas for young and old, lights shimmering gold
Vanished! Lo and behold! Leaving only darkness and lonely cold

Vision and talent to save Christmas spirit is what we need
Someone with outstanding digital experience guaranteed

Luckily a digital agency was ready to answer the call
To use its creativity and solve the problem for all

So the quest began, to stop the hacker in his track
To find the magic cube and as winners come back

It was a fast-paced race, to deepest outer space
Far from the base, they found the villain’s hiding place

Fire and flames! The forces battled an almighty fight
So that out of the night could emerge a Christmas bright

The magic cube of Christmas spirit was returned to earth
Using the help of technology to release its valuable worth

Earth’s people were blessed once more with joy and good fate
Thanks to our digital friends, Christmas is back to share and celebrate

Best wishes to everyone!